Inn Family Owners & Operators

When you visit the Inn you can rest assured you are in capable hands.

Purchased in 2011 & completley refurbished in with a mid century design style by Interior Designer & owners Mark & Tracy Weber

Tracy is GM & Thier Hills residence son Kepler Weber is Exec Chef this is truly a family affair.

Tracy Weber (the General Manager of Inn Mahogany Creek)  the owners & operators of the two most renowned and historic inns in WA – Inn Mahogany Creek (formerly known as Mahogany Inn & also the Prive of Wales ) built in circa 1850,

Mark & Tracy have also been Owner Operators of the Iconic Rose & Crown Hotel WA first Pub built in 1841.

Their combined experience totals over sixteen years in hospitality management roles, and their vision for their inns are what make Inn Mahogany Creek such an unforgettable experience.

Joining the family business in 2004, Kepler Weber ( Hills Residence) Kep donned his whites and added huge value to the Inn with his energetic passion for cooking healthy, yet delicious, bistro food & passion for local food & clever smoking food skills.. Kep still makes cameo appearances behind the bar, he has impressed countless guests with his well-known cocktail and coffee making skills and adds to the familiar and comfortable atmosphere by personally visiting regular guests at their tables.

Call and make a booking: (08) 9295 1118