inn-uendo BISTRO

When you eat at the Inn you are being given the chance to sample some of the highest quality produce the local area has to offer.

We source marron and trout from our unspoiled local dams, and you can taste the difference in every bite. Local butchers supply us with succulent free range pork, chicken and aged grass-fed beef, while the nearby fresh seafood market provides us with many varieties of fish and shellfish.

We also source fruit and vegetable locally, including asparagus, oils, fruits and olives, and our very own herb garden adds a little extra flavour to each dish. Even our free-range eggs are sourced locally!

Guests can choose to eat either at our modern bistro styled 'Inn-uendo', at our bar, or they can enjoy lunch outside on the Inn deck.

Offering a classic mid-century style of dining, Inn-uendo boasts a glorious vibe as an open fire pours light and warmth in to the room. Our modern Australian bistro food, uses all local produce and is sure to leave you reclining in your chair soaking in the atmosphere.

Inn Deck

Guests can enjoy casual light food and dine under the stars & the huge norfolk pine trees

Call and make a booking: (08) 9295 1118